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Roof ventilation is important as its key function is to regulate the temperature of your roof cavity, which has a flow on effect to other areas in your home.
Roof ventilation has many benefits for your home, such as: 

1. Keeping moisture out of your roof cavity which can create humid conditions which can ultimately result in structural damage, water dripping onto vulnerable materials such as gyprock and electrical wires and of course creating perfect conditions for mould to grow.

2. Preventing damp conditions is also a way to prevent termites creeping into your home, they LOVE damp conditions.

3. Keeping the house temperature regulated is also extremely important, especially for our coastal Summers. If your roof cavity is heating up in Summer with no ventilation or anything to keep it cool, it is extremely hard to regulate the temperature for the rest of the house. Even if you have the best air-conditioner, it will still be working overtime and driving up your electricity bill to cool your home down.

Ventilations » ventilations
Ventilations » ventilations

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